Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review


Opel has unveiled the first images the audience sedan version of the Astra, which the audience will be officially presented at the International Motor Show in Moscow in August. German car manufacturer has chosen Russia as the official launch of the most because it will be the largest country in the world and the main market of this car, as well as Asian continent, which at present has seen major growth in automotive industry. From the Western European markets, Astra Sedan will be sold only in Germany and Turkey.

Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review 2 Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review

Sedan will share the platform and the mechanics of the HB, but the design is based on the Buick Verano American cousin who is also a very successful sales in China. Both models resemble the reduced version of Opel Insignia, which has so far won many awards around the world. In size sedan wagon is identical with a length of 4.658 mm, width 1.814 mm and a height of 1.476 mm and the dimensions of the trunk provides 90 liters more than HB or 460 liters with the seats raised, and 1.010 liters with the seats folded down.

Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review 3 Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review

The choice of engine will be different and the customer will be able to choose between seven engines. There are four petrol engines, power from 100 hp to 180 hp, and three diesel, power of 95 hp to 130 hp. All models feature a standard six-speed manual transmission and optional automatic transmission with the same number of gears to transfer power to the front wheels.

Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review 4 Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review

Opel specifically draws attention to the 1.3L diesel that develops 94 bhp gives the average consumption of three liters and CO2 emissions of 99 g / km while performance fans will certainly be delighted 1.6L turbo engine with 180 hp. German giant also confirmed that the sedan, next year, get a new 1.7l diesel engine and a host of new 1.6L turbo gasoline. Opel and modified the suspension for comfortable ride while the premium interior to a greater extent due to connection with the Buick.

Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review 5 Opel Astra Sedan 2013 review

Although a smaller sedan is not sold in high numbers compared to hatchbacks on the European market, the German carmaker believes that Opel Astra Sedan has a place in the market. Time will tell who is right, but a premium car at a lower price will certainly attract the attention of customers.

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