Chrysler K cars history part 2


For 1983, the sale comes the longest Chrysler K-car ever produced and this, Chrysler Executive Sedan. At that point, the representative of Chrysler, was the only sedan on the market next Cadillac Series 75 and carried out in collaboration with ASC. The choice of engines was aspirated 2.6L and 2.2L turbo and the only transmission was a three-speed automatic. During four years of production has produced about 1,500 copies at a cost of $ 22,000, of which some belonged to the U.S. president. Year 1984 will be remembered as the most important for the Chrysler K-cars since the original Reliant and Aries. And in 1984, this platform gets its first sports models such as the Dodge Daytona and Lancer and Chrysler LeBaron GTS and Laser.

Chrysler K cars history part 2 2 Chrysler K cars history part 2

All models come only in three-door versions and the 2.2L turbo engine was developing 142 HP. Chrysler’s main competition identified in the model, Nissan 300ZX Turbo, with acceleration to 100 km / h in just 8.5 seconds, these sporty models are also able to compete with Porsche and the 944th What is also adorned Daytona / Lancer / LeBaron GTS / Laser energy was low, at around 5.5 liters on the highway and were an excellent choice for those with muscle cars were not suitable.

Daytona has reached its peak in 1992 when Dodge introduced the IROC R / T version which had a 2.2L turbo engine and 224 hp. This car is reaching 100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds, and during 1992 has produced only 250 copies. In addition to sports cars, 1984, was essential for Chrysler in the form of the first minivans in the world.

Chrysler K cars history part 2 3 Chrysler K cars history part 2

Chrysler is working on this project since the early 1970s, but only on larger vehicles with rear-wheel drive. When Iacocca and Sperlich arrived at Chrysler in 1978, this idea can be born again, a story saying that the minivans were their ideas back to the days of Ford. However, similar to Reliant and Aris, Henry Ford II was never approved this idea with a story that the market is not ready for them and that the profit was minimal.

Research shows that audiences want a minivan that will be able to enter into any garage, that is spacious enough to accommodate a five-member family and a burden that has rear doors on the tracks and to be cost effective enough that buyers pay attention to it in comparison with larger caravans. The first such examples were prepared in 1984 and came in two versions, as the Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan.

Chrysler K cars history part 2 4 Chrysler K cars history part 2

Both models shared the extended K platform vehicles with a weight of 1.350 kg and the choice of engines from 2.2L and 2.6L. Chrysler is greatly risked minivanovima with which it has invested over $ 800 million, but the risk definitely paid off when it was first sold over 210.000 copies. Although Ford and Chevrolet that year and threw his Vans, they were still significantly higher at larger bases with rear-wheel drive pickup, and customers were very excited as the Voyager and Caravan behave on the road as cars and they are very easy to ride .

Journalists also had only praise and so these minivans are announced at 1984 Motor Trend Car of the Year and the Car & Driver they added to their annual top ten list of vehicles. In the next few years, Chrysler has started to export Caravan and the European market while the offer and found three V6 engine (3.0L, 3.3L, 3.8L) and the last minivan based on Chrysler K-Cars was created in 1995.

Chrysler K cars history part 2 5 Chrysler K cars history part 2

After that minivans are getting a new base, and to this day control the class of Chrysler minivans. In late 1990s, Chrysler is trying to present and luxury cars on this platform such as Chysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue and Imperial, but none of them had little success because most compact base but was not made ​​for big and heavy car with a V6 engine.

Perhaps the most famous luxury car on this basis was the Chrysler TC, which was developed in joint collaboration with Maserati. The development of this car is the mid-1980s began years ago when Chrysler needed a car that would raise the company’s reputation and the Italians needed money after a bad situation financially. Iacocca knew the owners of Maserati, Alejandro de Tomaso, from the times at Ford when Ford supplied engines for the De Tomaso Pantera.

Chrysler K cars history part 2 6 Chrysler K cars history part 2

All TC were produced in Italy and provided a modified 2.2L turbo engine with 200 hp and a long list of standard equipment. However, the starting price of $ 37,000 was too high for a car with a Chrysler name in three years has produced less than 7,000 copies.

According to many American and Italian tinker I4 engine were probably the worst choice of each company, but the TC is now the only K-car that can be called a future classic. Although the Chrysler K-cars remain on the market until 1995, their popularity has declined sharply in early 1990s. By that time the U.S. economy is significantly recovered and were again turned their customers more and more powerful cars.

Chrysler K cars history part 2 7 Chrysler K cars history part 2

In the mid 1990s, Chrysler is a new series of compact (Plymouth / Dodge / Chrysler Neon) and Cab-Forward medium (Plymouth Breeze / Dodge Stratus / Chrysler Cirrus) and larger (Eagle Vision / Dodge Intrepid / Chrysler Concorde and LHS) cars that were demonstrated great success with customers.

Today, Chrysler K-cars usually attract derision as representatives of the black period in the American auto industry, but are the ones most deserving that Chrysler still exists. Lee Iacocca has earned the name of a living legend with his work in Chrysler, and the Americans have shown the rest of the world that they are able to make great small cars and start a new class.


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