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Great quality you’d expect from a Chevrolet, you’ll get with the new Aveo sedan with four doors, a sleek, sophisticated look, sportier handling, important safety features, fuel economy and versatility to get all of this fabulous car. The sophistication and splendor, are the main features of the new Chevrolet Aveo. Sleek, confident exterior style, and intelligent use of quality materials that impress inside. We also must not forget the comfort of seating for five people.

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But, this is not just about the looks of the Chevrolet Aveo. There is also a word about the enjoyment of driving. The new chassis is one of the strongest in the class, which means that it is dynamic and responds well. This, combined with an exciting new line engine and six-speed transmission, which means you’ll see that the new Aveo comfortable, nippy and economical.

When you open the door and enter the new Chevrolet Aveo. You will immediately appreciate its subtlety. It has features that we know the car you are looking for: a distinct and practical style, smart options for storage, space, high levels of standard equipment and color quality.

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There are two glove compartments – the top has an integrated USB player which means you can manage your MP3 player via the steering wheel controls, while the lower compartment to accommodate your small items you use every day.

What you will surely like the new Chevrolet Aveo is that it is distinctive – refreshingly different. Headlights inspired engines are a great example, are placed in a double tube with bearings in high-gloss black and chrome bezels. Pronounced wheel arches give added impact to the existing confident attitude, and the rear taillights Avea bring a little chic to its sleek, sophisticated aerodynamic grip.

When it comes to ride and fuel economy and do not usually go together, but this is not the case with the Aveo sedan. In fact, achieving a balance between driving enjoyment and the impact that the car has on the environment was a basic principle of the design lines Aveo engine ran.

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When the engines are concerned, there are four petrol engines with innovative features designed to contribute to the performance and efficiency at an impressive consumption of just 5.1 l/100 km and emission of 119 g / km with 1.2-liter version with 70 hp. 1.3-liter diesel engine will be offered in the fall, combined with the Start / Stop technology.

Standard on all models are six airbags, 4-channel braking system (ABS) with auxiliary brake and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Fixators for the ISOFIX child seats are standard on all models, and are designed for use with ISOFIX child seats.

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Compact frame body is not there just to provide driving pleasure. He is also a key part of enhanced security performance of the Chevrolet Aveo, the roof of the accident was able to endure 4.2 times the weight of the car itself. Improved steel that was used on the new Aveo has a greater resistance to stretching, which protects people inside the car.

Also it must be emphasized, and a great element of standard equipment, which helps to not go backwards when starting on an incline. Keeps the car in place of 1.5 s, giving you thus the time to accelerate and safely resume driving.

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If you come home late at night there is a great option, “Follow-me-home ‘headlights stay lit so that you shed light on the dark path to the door, before they are automatically excluded. As standard on LTZ trim levels, offering a parking assistance through a sound signal, in situations where uparkiravate in a narrow space.

Chevrolet Aveo has developed a large range of accessories, so you of your Chevrolet Aveo get as much as possible, starting with the holder of a bicycle and skis, to the roof boxes and much more. And when it comes to child safety accessories includes serious protection elements.

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